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After getting pregnant from a one-night stand, a single woman leans on her married best friend and mother of two to guide her through gestation and beyond.

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Oliver Platt as Bernie
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John Carroll Lynch as Dr. Morris
Hasan Minhaj as Marty
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Reviewed by acschumm 8 / 10

Funniest movie of the year

I have literally never written a review on here, but I'm so shocked by the negative reviews that I feel compelled to do so.

I saw this movie tonight as a part of Cinemark's "Secret Movie" series and I was so pleasantly surprised. This movie was NOT on my radar at all (and I go to the theater every weekend), so imagine my surprise when this movie came on and I absolutely loved it!!

I honestly don't think I would've ever gone to this movie if it weren't for this "secret movie" thing, but it was so funny I would honestly go see it again. I laughed the entire time.

I just saw on a poster for it a critic say something like "Bridemaids for having a baby" and I couldn't agree more. This was a movie about women and women issues, and I'm not a woman, but the humor is so good that none of that mattered.

Maybe it's because I live Broad City, but this movie hit that same exact sense of humor and it was amazing.

It was also surprisingly heartfelt and sweet.

Ignore whatever these other reviews are saying. They're clearly made by boomers who can't handle women being hilariously crude and raunchy. It's rare to find actual comedies these days, and this one does not disappoint. GO SEE IT.

Reviewed by ejames429 8 / 10

If your a New Yorker you'll understand!

This was a really funny movie that made me laugh and feel a longing to be in New York again. The characters were a little over the top but they seemed like real people that I grew up with in New York. It's worth seeing though maybe not in the theater?

It touched on many friendship-related topics in a mostly comfortable manner. I wish my wife had been with me to watch this movie. I saw it in a sneak preview night at my local theater. When it comes out I'm going to see it again with my wife.

It wasn't my typical movie selection but I'm glad I went and I hope the movie does well so that the people behind the movie get the opportunity to make more films.

Reviewed by grantfrazey-30795 6 / 10

Nice story with some funny moments

I Wasn't sure I was going to like this movie at all when it started, it did have a rough start, amd there were some cringy scenes, but when the story got moving I was engaged and there were some genuinely funny moments. It was interesting to see a realistic view of what pregnancy and motherhood can be like, through the perspective of the two main characters. There where some great side characters, the doctor being especially good. Not my favorite movie of the year by any means, but I liked it a lot more than I would have thought, and although I will likely never watch it again I'm glad I saw it. The music was pretty good as well.

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